Internet Tax will destroy small businesses

Please support small businesses like Julie’s X Stitch and voice your opinion against a new tax on everything you buy on the internet.   This is an impossible task for a business that does not have a full time accountant working for them to pay sales tax to 50 states w/ 50 different rates.  That includes MOST SMALL businesses.  If you want to continue to have a choice and you don’t want to see your favorite stores go under, than it’s time to take a stand and say NO!

No sales tax for online stores


International Shipping Rates

As of January 27, 2013 the US Postal system has raised their international shipping rates considerably.  We are forced to raise our rates to match the new costs.  We continue to offer you the least expensive rates we can by shipping International First class for our flat rate.  Thank you.

Swedish Weaving Supplies (coming soon!)

In addition to our extensive cross stitch supplies we will also be adding Swedish Weaving supplies in the next few weeks.

Swedish Weaving or Huck Weaving, Huck Embroidery. Swedish weaving is stitched on only  ONE side of the fabric.  This is accomplished by inserting the needle just under the float (vertical threads)  in the cloth you are working with.   The needle never penetrates the cloth.  This type of embroidery was very popular in the 1930’s and 40’s.  I recently found a towel that my Grandmother stitched (pictured below) many years ago.  Swedish weaving can be done on any even weave fabric, but Huck fabric, Monks cloth, and Stockholm fabric are preferred by stitchers because they lend themselves well to the technique.  The type of floss or yarn you use will depend on the size and type of fabric you use for your design.  Pearl cotton thread or yarn is typically used to stitch Swedish Weaving.