New 32 count Linen Fabrics in stock

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We  have some great new colors in 32 count Linen in stock at Julie’s Cross Stitch.  They are beautiful chocolate theme colors like White Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Black Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.   They are all really wonderful neutral colors that would work for most patterns.

Milk Chocolate 32 count Linen


Linens have the appearance of a basket weave.  Linen offers a more “old fashioned” look to a piece.  It has a very rustic look to it, especially in the more neutral colors like “raw linen”.    The fabric has a very “crisp” feel.  They are more difficult to use then Aidas because it requires more skill to control the tension of the floss for even stitches.  Linens are great for detailed designs and experienced stitchers.  Linens are generally stitched over two.  They come in several different counts with 32 and 28 counts being the most prevalent.  When stitched over two, 32 count becomes a 16 count, and 28 count becomes a 14 count.   Linen and Linen Blends come in many, many different colors.  There are several types of linen to choose from like Belfast, Cashel, Betsy Ross, Chester, Cork, Country French, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Graziano, Hand Dyed, Hardanger, Pearl, Rosenstand, Silk, and Weaver.  Betsy Ross Linen comes in 10 count and it is made of 100% linen woven in a unique fashion ( Similar to Aida weave) to give it the old rustic look.  Ideal for the ”tired eye” projects as well as any designs of your choice.  Linen is a very traditional fabric and most project were worked on linen in the early history of cross stitch, and Hardanger embroidery.   Nora Corbett has also come up with a gorgeous line of fabrics to go with her more recent patterns.  The colors are very unique and soft.  Currently, they come in 16 count Aida and 32 count Linen.  The line of cross stitch fabric  is called, Hand Picked by Nora. I keep all of her fabrics IN STOCK.