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Cross Stitch Tips - Questions and Answers

Cross stitch Questions and Answers 

Is it difficult to learn to cross stitch?  No. Cross stitch is one of the easiest crafts to learn. It is simply, a series of stitches in the shape of an X. Cross stitch is inexpensive and there are lots of floss and fabric options. The best fabric to start to learn to cross stitch on is Aida in a small count like 11 or 14 stitches per inch. 


What is the difference between cross stitch and needlepoint?  Cross stitch is generally worked on fabric, where as needlepoint is worked on canvas. Cross stitch is a series of X stitched on a fabric. XXXXX  Needlepoint is usually what we call a half stitch in cross stitch terms, stitched on canvas. /////  Cross stitch is stitched using floss, where as much of needlepoint is stitched using a yarn. This is not always the case. Some needlepoint is done with floss as well.


Is cross stitch good for my health? You may hear seasoned cross stitchers refer to their stitching as "therapy". Cross stitching is an activity that allows you to relax, at the same time you focus on something creative and enjoyable to do. Cross stitch works your brain, so keeps it active an healthy. It almost has a meditative quality to it. It is a great way to practice "mindfulness" in this busy, information overload world. It is a time to sit with yourself and focus on one thing. Reading a chart and stitching what you read. Slow, methodical, mindful stitching. Watching the design unfold before your eyes is quite satisfying as well.  


What does petit or petite point mean in cross stitch terms? Petit point are very small stitches on Linen, Jobelan, or any fabric with a fine or large stitch count (for example 28, 32, and higher counts) generally stitched over one to make very detailed designs. There are cross stitch designs that call for these very fine stitches for the face and lips, as well as the hands of the design to make them look as realistic as possible. It can be a challenge to learn to stitch the finer stitches, but when you do, you will be so pleased with the results!