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Hardanger Tips - Fabric

Hardanger Fabric


Hardanger is 100% cotton and it is usually a  22 count fabric.  It is a relatively inexpensive fabric, especially compared to linen.  Hardanger is a method of embroidery and Hardanger fabric was designed specifically for it.  Hardanger embroidery was originally worked  on linen years ago.   Linen was very expensive to make and quite valuable.   Hardanger embroidery  as we know it today originated in the Hardanger region of Norway several hundred years ago.  Eventually, Norwegian immigrants brought it to the Untied States   Hardanger fabric is usually imported from European cities.  It is generally used for embroidery, but can be used by cross stitchers looking for delicate detail.   It is often used by stitchers for projects like ornaments and doilies.  There are pattern designs just for Hardanger.   You can even make clothing out of Hardanger fabric.  Hardanger projects make wonderful heirlooms.   If you are new to Hardanger embroidery techniques, than Hardanger fabric is a great choice.  It is a good fabric to use when learning Hardanger as well as Aida fabric in 20 or 18 count. 


Example Hardanger 22 Count
Hardanger 22 Count Sample


Even Weaves (Plain Weaves) are most often cotton fabric.  The warp and weft thread count is the same.  These fabrics come in many colors. There are several different types like Davosa, Janina, Lugana, Jazlyn (52% Cotton and 48% Rayon), Linda, Annabelle,  Jubilee, Aida and Jobelan.  Jobelan is one of the most popular because of it's elegant, soft, smooth sheen and large variety of colors, including hand dyed fabrics.  Jobelan also drapes nicely. Davos is made of 100% cotton twist yarn and it is great for all types of stitching.  It's a relatively thick fabric and is ideal for clothing, pillows and other items and gives a soft supple look.  It comes in a small range of neutral colors.  Lugana is also a heavy fabric that is very versatile and similar to a Jobelan.    


Example Hardanger 22 Count
Jobelan 28 Count Sample



Lugana is a soft, heavy, even weave fabric that is easy to count and  a great for cross stitch.   It comes in many colors and a few different counts like 25, 28 (Brittany) and 32 (Murano) counts with the most color choices in 25 count.   Lugana is an elegant fabric for table linens, samplers, pillows, and other decorative accessories.  Lugana is also a great choice for Hardanger projects.   It is made of 52% cotton 48% rayon blend.  Lugana in 25 count is my favorite choice for Hardanger projects.  I like the way that the floss glides through the fabric when I stitch. It is simple to count, unlike a linen.  I also prefer the Lugana fabric to the Hardanger fabric because of the variety of colors available in Lugana.  Hardanger fabrics tend to stick to very neutral colors and few choices.  Lugana comes in many neutral and colorful colors as well, allowing for more self expression.  Lugana fabric paired with Caron Wildflowers floss makes some truly beautiful Hardanger projects. This project won a first place ribbon at the county fair and the Judges Choice ribbon as well. 


Hardanger project

Hardanger project done on 25 count Mushroom Lugana fabric 
using Caron Wildflower floss