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280J - Japan Country Blue #5
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Stitching Tools - Fabric Calculator

Cross Stitch Calculator

Graphed Size:      stitches wide by   stitches high

Fabric Count:  threads per inch
# of  threads each X covers? (Aida is 1, linen is usually 2)
Extra fabric on each side for border? inches
Extra fabric on each side for finishing? inches

The stitched area will be inches wide by inches high

The fabric should be inches wide by inches high

I suggest using a size tapestry needle

I suggest using strands of floss for stitching

For backstitching, I suggest strands of floss

Use the Tab key to move between fields.
Extra fabric for border is the distance between the stitching and the edge of the frame.
Extra fabric for finishing is the amount of fabric allowed for mounting or sewing.
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