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Cross Stitch Tips - Beading


Beading for Cross Stitch

30-40% OFF BEADS

Beads add sparkle and a three dimensional look to your cross stitch piece.  There are many different colors of beads to choose from.   One of the most popular company providing glass bead supplies is Mill Hill.  They have a large variety of colors and sizes to choose from and their beads are top quality.   Mill Hill has Glass Seed BeadsAntique Glass BeadsPetite Glass BeadsPebble Glass Beads,  Frosted Glass BeadsSize 6 and Size 8 Beads; Small, Medium and Large Bugle Beads, and Magnifica Beads to choose from.  They also carry Mill Hill Treasures  which are beads that come in beautiful shapes like hearts, stars, roses, pumpkins, jewels,  tear drops, and many other shapes. They can add a very unique look to any piece.  You can choose from Glass, Crystal, or Metal Treasures.


Magnifica Beads

CLICK HERE for a complete Mill Hill Bead Inventory and Size Guide


Attaching Beads:

You may use one strand of floss (similar in color to your fabric) to attach your beads or beading floss  called Nymo thread that is a little stronger and designed specifically for beading.  I suggest the Nymo thread.  Nymo thread comes in black and white.  Chose the color that best suits the color of your fabric.  You will need a needle with a small head to fit through the beads.   Bring the threaded needle up through hole 1, thread with a bead and bring the needle down  through hole 2 as in a half stitch.


Here is a video I made showing how to put beads on your cross stitch.



Beads are generally attached after you have completed all of the stitching on your piece, including outlining. I generally pour a layer of beads in a small dish or in a bead wheel organizer that keeps the different colors separate.  Then I spread a few beads of the color I am working with on a Tacky Bob. Tacky Bobs (Box foBeads) come in a little 4 x 4 inch  case that looks like a small CD case and the inside is covered with a substance similar to fly paper.  It's a great way to separate your beads out and get a hold of each one with your needle.   Maneuver the  bead onto your needle off of the Tacky Bob and attach it to the fabric with a half stitch. The Tacky Bob's have very pretty decorative covers. There is even a magnet to attach your needle to when you are not working on it.    I really like my Tacky Bob.  It makes beading much easier. 



Ceramic Buttons and Charms add character and fun to your cross stitch piece.  There are many hand painted buttons by Mill HillDebbie Mumm, and Jim Shore,  and they come in several different shapes with lots of detail.  The buttons are any where from half an inch to an  inch square, so they are just right for a cross stitch design.  They can be easily attached with a half stitch.  Try something new on your project today.