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Cross Stitch Tips - Beware of De Quervain’s

Beware of De Quervain’s

I know what you’re thinking. Beware of whom? 


De Quervain’s Disease is swelling and inflammation of the tendon or tendon sheath on the side of your wrist where your thumb is. 


 De Quervain’s is generally an over use injury as a result of activities that require lots of repetitive thumb and wrist movement like cross stitch and needle point.  People who do a lot of fine needle work can be susceptible.  Using a keyboard and mouse a lot can be a problem as well.


Symptoms are swelling, pain or weakness along the thumb, wrist or arm.  Numbness in the hand, wrist, or fingers.   Pain will be more sever with lifting or pouring motions.         


Prevention tips: 

  •  Take frequent breaks while sewing. 
  •  When taking these breaks, don’t do something else that requires a lot of wrist action. (ie. like using a      keyboard or mouse), because these activities can be aggravating to the wrist as well
  •  Change position occasionally when sewing
  •  Stretch you wrist out a couple of times a day
  •  Do exercises that strengthen your wrist
  • Use proper equipment when sewing
  • Swimming as well as yoga is great for your wrist and arms