Toccata in Green by Valerie Pfeiffer

Valerie Pfeiffer of Heritage Crafts does an amazing job designing wildlife, particularly bird designs. The fabric is 28 count Jobelan in Sapphire.

Fall Hardanger

I received a 1st place ribbon for this project at the local county fair. The pattern is from an Award Winning Designs in Hardanger book from Nordic Needle. I stitched it on 25 count Bone Lugana fabric.

My Daily Bath by Better Homes and Gardens

This is an old pattern. I stitched this design when I was pregnant with my first child. It is very detailed and turned out amazing, but the pattern had a lot of confetti stitching, which made it miserable. I stitched the project on a 14 count Aida in white.

Queen Mermaid by Mirabilia

This design by Mirabilia is gorgeous and hangs on my wall. I stitched her on 28 count Jobelan in Ivory . Mirabilia has several great mermaid patterns, and I have a few of them.

Titania Queen of the Fairies by Mirabilia

This designs is by Nora Corbett. It is a lovely fairy with gossamer wings. She was stitched on 28 count Jobelan fabric in Sapphire using DMC floss, Kreiniks, and Mill Hill Beads.

Berry Hardanger

This Hardanger pattern was stitched on 25 count Lugana in Deep Magenta. Such a rich, gorgeous color. I used white Caron Collections Impressions floss. The pattern was in a Best of Collection from Nordic Needle.

Catch the Wind by Butternut Road

I stitched this design on a ship cruising the Pacific Ocean around Mexico. The pattern is by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum called Catch the Wind. I stitched the pattern on 28 count Cashel Linen in Ash Rose.

Baragello Hardanger

This is a Hardanger, Baragello combination I stitched by Vaughnie's Visions. Baragello is easy to stitch, but time consuming. I stitched the project on 25 count Lugana, in Stone Grey with Caron Collection Floss.

The Sun Goddess by Mirabilia

I love this design. The Sun Goddess, makes me think of an Egyptian princess on her throne. I stitched her on 28 count Ice Blue Lugana (Brittany) fabric, which is a new fabric.

Magical Mystery Tour by Blackbird Designs

This is a simple pattern by Blackbird Designs. I stitched it on Forest Green 28 count Jobelan fabric with a Caron Collection Wildflower floss.