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002 - Gold  - Kreinik Blending Filament
Sale: $1.43
Save: 25% off


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     Sorry, but we do not accept checks or money orders or PayPal of any kind.  Please do not ask us to do so. i do not approvie of their polcies that favor the buyer, no matter how much prof the merchant gives that the customer ordered the product and received it in the mail. I have built a reputation of honesty at PayPal for 10 plus years, and it didn't make one bit of difference. 


    We accept most major Credit Cards Your Credit Card Bill will show a charge from "JuliesXstitch, Inc".


     During the order checkout process on the "Payment Information" page you will need to choose "Credit Card Secure Checkout".  You do this by clicking the selection button on the right side of the page under the arrow labeled "Please Select.


When will the charge be placed on my card?

     Your credit card will NOT be charged when you make your order.  Your bank may show a pending charge (DO NOT PANIC) until we have completely processed your order and offically made the exact order total charge to your card. This saves us having to do refunds for items we may not have in stock. You will be informed when products are removed from your order. 


Is it safe to use my credit card on the internet?  

     Absolutely!  In fact using our secure credit card checkout process is the safest way to purchase from us.  You are far more likely to have your credit card information stolen by sending it through the mail or giving it to someone over the phone.  We use the highest level of digital encryption to ensure your payment information is safely sent directly from your computer to the credit card processing gateway at the time of your checkout.  This way we do not need to keep copies of your credit card number on our computers or on any paper records in our office.  To verify our encryption authenticity, click on the Authorize Net Verified Merchant Seal at the top of this page.


Ordering by Mail..

     If you still prefer to place your order by Mail rather than online, simply print out this Mail Order Form and we will process your order by hand when we receive it. 


Why was my card declined?

     Check your billing address carefully!  It is important that your order billing address matches your credit card billing address, or your order will not go through.  The address where you receive your credit card bills is the correct billing address.   This is called the Address Verification System (AVS) and it is done by the card processing company to help prevent fraudulent use of your card.  If you are having difficulty making your order go through, this is almost always the problem.    You must also check the box next to the payment method you choose to use.  Other possible causes may involve insufficient funds or a hold placed on your card by your bank.  You will need to contact your bank or credit card company to resolve these types of issues.


It looks like I was charged twice in my online banking records!

     Don't worry, This is probably just a temporary "illusion".  If you had any problems during checkout that did not allow the order to complete, and you had to go back and try again, you may see multiple transactions in your bank's online transaction history.  The bank will show every attempt to process your card, even if the charge was not successful.  This is so you can see potentially fraudulent card activity.  The bank will not actually charge you for the unsuccessful transactionsand they will disappear from your online records after a day or so. Please wait 2 days before emailing us. Please be patient.  However, if it has been more than 2 days and it looks like there is an error, please let us know.  We would be happy to fix it.


Still having problems?

     If you experience any difficulty with our Shopping Cart or Checkout Process please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to help you through the process.